In 2019, Truist Bank entered into a Community Benefits Plan under which Truist bank will lend or invest $60 billion to low and moderate-income (LMI) borrowers and in LMI communities over a three-year period from 2020 through 2022.

The Friends of African Union (FAU), The African Diaspora Directorate (AfiDiDi), and the Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia (BMCC) have partnered with Qme Business Solutions Ecosystem ( to help lead the Philadelphia charge to organize, unify, and galvanize people of African Descent and bring our community development (CD) projects and small business funding requests as part of the Truist Community Benefits Plan (CBP). This is a 3-year agreement and so the clock is ticking.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Black Folks Plan?

A plan to empower economic power for Americans of African decent.

Is The Black Folks Plan Reparations for African Americans?

Yes, The complete 6 Trillion Dollar plan is a structured plan to eliminate the economic disadvantages of African Americans by investing into Housing, Education, Health, and Black Owned Businesses.

If The Black Folks Plan is for reparations for African Americans why is there a need for global partnerships?

The Black Folks Plan is serving as a blueprint for a global structure for reparation for all African Decents sold into slavary across the world.

Who will qualify for The Black Folks Plan?

This is a two part answer becasue the Black Folks Plan must respond for both current and future opportunities. Current Opportunities under the Truist Bank Community Benefit Agreement: Black Owned businesses who complete the onboarding process and meet all the requirement identfied by QME Spotlight. Future opportunities: Any Black American who can prove their African decent ( etc...)

What is the timeline for The Black Folks Plan?

The Current Opportunities: The small business funding opportunities are currently underway please visit the join now page for more information. Future funding opportunities for individuals are stil being developed at this time.